Faster Technology is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. To that end, we offer several consulting packages ranging from basic phone support to full algorithm development and complete board design.

Integration Assistance

All Faster Technology modules are based upon a methodology of re-use. The interfaces are logical, clearly defined, and utilize industry-standard protocols. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to begin using a new set of tools. We address this issue by offering classes to describe our design philosophies and explain the best way to utilize available tools.

Hardware Design

In addition to FPGA design and digital signal processing, our engineers are experts at high speed circuit design. Our hardware products are designed to fit a common template, facilitating rapid rework of the IO and processing sections. If the card we make today does not suit your needs, give us a call and let us show you what we can do. For large volume orders, this service can often be done at no additional cost.

Algorithm Design

Our engineers specialize in implementing digital signal processing algorithms in field programmable gate arrays. If you have a particular problem, it is likely that we can provide the solution. If your problems are of a classified nature, our engineers hold security clearances.

Software Support

We provide Linux drivers for all of our hardware, as well as a supporting API with each of our application cores. In addition, we are experts in the X-Midas environment. If you need assistance integrating our hardware into your software framework, please let us know what we can do to help you.