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HPC Applications

  • Ab-initio Simulations
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • N-Body Simulations

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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computation demands highly parallel resources, and our PCI FPGA cards deliver. The pairing of PowerPC processors with all the other resources of the FPGA create an ideal platform for creating heterogeneous multi-core solutions for your most difficult HPC problems. Multi-Gigabit serial I/Os connected directly to the FPGA allow high bandwidth, low-latency pipelining, clustering, and I/O. Our easy to use design environment makes all this power easy to harness.

The tremendous internal bandwidth of the FPGA combined with its distributed resources (including RAMs and MAC units) allow for the creation of high efficient computational units that are busy all the time working on your solution. Each of the cores that you create for your solution can be highly customized for their task, leaving little to waste. Custom processing pipelines allow you to efficiently manage data dependency issues that can stall the performance of a normal processor.

The ability to directly connect cores via the FPGA routing resources pushes synchronization time between cores down to the nanosecond range. Data can flow directly between cores (reducing the demand on shared memories) or can be buffered by shared memories to smooth out the data flow. Your cores may be as fine-grain or coarse-grain as your solution requires. FPGAs enable you to design out the bottlenecks that limit the performance on standard processors.

The four external multi-gigabit serial SFP slots and four internal multi-gigabit serial connections allow high bandwidth, low-latency communications between multiple cards and I/O devices.