User-Programmable FPGA Acceleration Card

The P6 FPGA accelerator card enables high-throughput, low latency FPGA acceleration of algorithms.  Beyond multi-core, FPGAs exploit massive customizable parallelism to increase the performance of your solution.

Reference Designs

Included reference designs save you months of development time and money by providing a stable starting point that boots into Linux.

User Applications

  • DSP Acceleration
  • National Security
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Seismic Imaging Acceleration
  • Financial Analysis Acceleration
  • Medical Research Acceleration

Fully-Deployable FPGA Solutions

Faster Technology PCI FPGA cards are fully-deployable FPGA solutions, not simply a development platform. Included cores and reference designs running Linux will have you productive quickly, accelerating your time to market.

Faster Technology develops high-performance Xilinx FPGA solutions that maximize processing throughput while minimizing latency. We are a Xilinx Alliance Program Partner, an Impulse Platform Partner, and member of both the Xilinx SignOnce IP License and SignOnce Services Agreement Programs. Faster Technology is also the Xilinx ATP for the South Central and Rocky Mountain territories.

The P6 is easy to use, supporting both the Xilinx ISE and EDK tool flows and the ImpulseC CoDeveloper C to HDL compiler developed by Impulse Accelerated Technologies. OEM volume discounts are available.