AMD Authorized Training

Whether you are new to FPGAs or just new to AI, AMD and Faster Technology have training courses to bring you up to speed.

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Free Training Event

Workshop: Sept 26-27

Unleashing the Power of AMD AI Engines: Navigating SIMD Datapath

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FMC Boards

Check out our line of high-speed VITA 57 compliant cards.

FMC cards

Operating Beyond The Speed of Technology

Faster Technology LLC is  an AMD Alliance Partner and the exclusive AMD Authorized Training Provider for eight states, as well as a consortium member providing training throughout Canada and the eastern United States. The consortium agreement with Doulos Inc and Technically Speaking Inc enables us to expand the number of courses offered without sacrificing quality.

Additionally, we design high-performance and embedded AMD FPGA and ARM processor-based products, and supporting products such as VITA 57 FMC modules. We provide design services to support select companies to utilize AMD FPGAs. From design through manufacturing, Faster Technology partners with companies to provide quality products.

FPGA Solutions and Training

On-site and online classes

Training is an integral part of advancing designs. Faster Technology offers private onsite training for groups and for individuals there is an online format.

Physical Product

Explore our current library of FMC cards. These high-speed, VITA 57 compliant boards are used across a wide array of industries to enhance data flow.

Office Hours

Working on a design and have questions about the best way to incorporate a specific element? The office hours program is designed to answer specific questions regarding a project.

Our Philosophy

  1. Utilize industry standards as much as possible
  2. Never reinvent what already works
  3. Create and innovate new solutions
About Us

Our goal is to lower the barrier to use through training and hardware development to enable the widest possible community to benefit from the power of FPGA-based processing


High quality and professional comprehensive services from training to design whether we are assisting a beginner in AMD tools and software or an expert who just wants to brush up their knowledge.

Hardware Design

In addition to FPGA design and digital signal processing, our engineers are experts at high speed circuit design. Our hardware products are designed to fit a common template, facilitating rapid rework of the IO and processing sections. If the card we make today does not suit your needs, give us a call and let us show you what we can do.


Faster Technology is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. Whether it is a turn-key design or an hour of asking questions, FTL can provide a comprehensive solution.

Software Defined Digital Signal Processing

We provide support for implementing DSP algorithms in AMD SoC and FPGA devices using HDL, IP Cores, HLS, Model Composer, Vitis acceleration flows and C/C++ software.

We implement Versal AI Engine Adaptive Data Flow kernel and graph programs. We provide Vitis support for multiple software environments, such as FreeRTOS, Linux and OpenAMP, and support several DSP software frameworks. We are experienced with multiple real-time signal distribution protocols, such as Vita Radio Transport (VITA 49) and JESD204B/C.

Network Attached Processing

Contact us if you are looking for a broad range of support for creating distributed processing systems using switched serial interconnects and network protocols.   We provide Vitis support for multiple software environments, such as FreeRTOS with LWIP, Linux and OpenAMP, and support several DSP software frameworks. We have experience with data distribution systems for signal processing, such as Vita Radio Transport (VITA 49) and JESD204B/C.

Software Support

Need support? Our engineering team can help with:

  • Creating software for AMD SoC and FPGA devices
  • Using Vitis for stand alone and FreeRTOS
  • PetaLinux / YOCTO