Migrating to the Vitis Embedded Software Development IDE



Course Description

This workshop demonstrates the tools and techniques required for
software design and development using the the Vitis™ unified software
The emphasis of this course is on:
▪ Reviewing the basics of using the Vitis platform
▪ Migrating existing SDK projects to the Vitis platform
▪ Developing software applications using the Vitis platform
What's New for 2021.2

  • All labs have been updated to the latest software versions

  • Level – Embedded Software 3
  • Course Details
  • ▪ 1 day ILT 
  • ▪ 8 Lectures
  •  5 Labs
  •  1 Demo

Price – $800 or 8 Training Credits

Course Part Number – EMBD-VITIS
Who Should Attend? – – Existing embedded developers using Xilinx
SDK tools for software development


▪ C or C++ programming experience, including general debugging techniques
▪ Conceptual understanding of embedded processing systems as it relates to the Xilinx ecosystem (specifically writing and modifying scripts, user applications, and boot loader operation)
Software Tools
▪ Vitis unified software platform 2021.2
▪ Architecture: Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC
▪ Demo board: Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU104 board

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the
necessary skills to:
▪ Develop and deploy an application on a Xilinx embedded system
using the Vitis unified software platform
▪ Migrate an existing SDK project to the Vitis platform

Course Outline 2021.2

Overview of Embedded Software Development
Overview of the process for building a user application. {Lecture}
Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool
Introduces the basic behaviors required to drive the Vitis tool to generate a debuggable C/C++ application. {Lecture, Lab}
Migrating from SDK to the Vitis Platform
Overview of migrating existing Xilinx SDK projects to Vitis software development projects {Lecture, Demo}
Standalone Software Platform Development and Coding

Covers the various software components, or layers, supplied by Xilinx that aid in the creation of low-level software. Also the basic services (libraries) available. {Lecture, Lab}
▪ Linux Software Application Development Overview
Highlights important parts of the underlying Linux system as it pertains to applications. {Lecture}
▪ Building a Linux Application in the Vitis IDE
Reviews the use of the Vitis tool for Linux software development. {Lecture, Lab}
▪ System Debugger
Describes the basics of actually running a debugger and illustrates the most commonly used debugging commands. {Lecture, Lab}
▪ Profiling Overview
Introduces the purpose and techniques for profiling a user applicatiob. {Lecture, Lab

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