Today's marketplace demands integrated world class solutions. The Xilinx Alliance Program assures customers of the best available “total solutions” combining Xilinx programmable logic with key technologies from our Alliance Program members, including IP cores, EDA, DSP and embedded development tools, design services, board-level products, integrated circuits, and electronic components.

Faster Technology is the Xilinx Authorized Training Provider (ATP) for the South Central (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas) and Rocky Mountain (Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming) regions of the United States. We provide training classes covering the complete Xilinx Curriculum, either in private classes at your site or in public classes with students from multiple companies.

Faster Technology uses Mentor Graphics' HyperLynx® as its exclusive solution for Signal Integrity and Power Integrity analysis.

Altium Design Center Partners utilize Altium Designer as a development platform and provide a wide range of design and prototype services to Altium customers.

Impulse C CoDeveloper software by Accelerated Impulse Technologies Inc. provides the user the ability to compile C code to VHDL or Verilog.  FTL provides a Platform Support Package that allows the CoDeveloper software to export Impulse C designs as EDK IP cores for use on our cards. It also exports the Linux software required to use the Impulse C core from embedded Linux programs running on the PowerPC inside the FPGA.