About: Faster Technology


  • Founded in 2002
  • Headquartered in Katy (near Houston) Texas
  • Privately held
  • Strong technology base in high performance FPGA based processing mainly focused on communications and processing of high speed critical data streams.

Products and Services

  • High performance FPGA based processing products
  • Comprehensive yet easy to use application development environment
  • Design services for customized processing applications
  • Xilinx Authorized Training Provider for the South Central and Rocky Mountain territories


Our goal is to lower the barrier to use and enable the widest possible community to benefit from the power of FPGA based processing. Faster Technology is distinguished from the competition by sticking closely to three main philosophies;

  • Utilize industry standards as much as possible
  • Never reinvent what already works
  • Ease of use is critical to broad market use of FPGA power

Our hardware products use industry standard interfaces such as SFP, PCI, FMC and SATA on the boundaries and industry standard protocols such as FSL, OPB, and PLB bus structures internally, to tie them all together. This philosophy allows us and our customers to take best advantage of open source and third party utilities. This enables our hardware products to be easily integrated into our customers development projects because they don’t spend time learning the peculiar protocols of an esoteric environment. By going with the grain of emerging industry trends we are able to provide a comprehensive tool kit to support our hardware and enable our customers to get their customized solutions to market in development cycles orders of magnitude quicker than typical FPGA based products.


Faster Technology Conflict Minerals Policy

Faster Technology LLC (FTL) is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards of doing business and we expect our suppliers to adhere to these same standards. We actively support the global efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of specific minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries where profits from these "Conflict Minerals" fund armed conflict, human rights violations and other crimes.

Whenever possible, FTL  selects suppliers that do not use Conflict Minerals in their products and have programs in place to assure that their supply chain is free of any Conflict Minerals. For those suppliers who are not yet in compliance with the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, we actively work with them on programs to become compliant.

Conflict Minerals that we actively track include:

  • Tin
  • Tantalum
  • Gold
  • Tungsten

Faster Technology does not knowingly use any products that contain these Conflict Minerals as specified by the Conflict Minerals Trade Act.