User Applications

Image Applications

  • Object Recognition
  • Image Correlations
  • Variable Bit Rate Video CODECs
  • Filters
  • Object Tracking
  • Motion Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Scale Invariant Feature Transforms (SIFT)
  • Gradient Location and Orientation Histogram (GLOH)

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Image Processing

The parallel nature of FPGAs make them ideal for use in image processing acceleration. The large numbers of DSP blocks and RAMs on our cards enable you to create incredibly powerful image processing solutions. Image convolution filters can be calculated in parallel, yielding tremendous performance and blinding speed for your transforms. The huge amount of routing resources speed your data between functional units.

Use this power to advance your applications performance by using higher performance algorithms than other platforms could support in real time. Advanced techniques such as the scale invariant feature transform allow more robust image recognition and tracking. Build more powerful surveillance systems starting today by using our cards.

Combine the power of the FPGA fabric with the flexibility of the embedded PowerPC processors to create more sophisticated variable bit rate video coders. Use the PowerPC to monitor the network condition and configure the compression engine in the FPGA fabric.

Take advantage of our Impulse C support to speed the development of your applications. Take your existing image processing code and accelerate it by re-targeting it to our cards. Call us today to see how you can benefit from using our cards in your next project.