XA2 XADC Headphone Adapter

The XA2 is an adapter card that plugs into the XADC header of Xilinx Development Platforms and provides an analog interface for standard head-phone connections such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, tablet or similar device. It connects the standard stereo headphone outputs to various channels supported on the standard XADC header. Several jumper options are provided to select individual channels or summing to a single channel as well as directing the input to the various XADC analog input channels that are sup-ported by the XADC header. Options are provided to support single ended as well as differential inputs with appropriate bias points.

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  • Simplifies connection of standard analog input sources to Xilinx Development Platforms - MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Jumper selectable options for input channel(s), bias point and coupling support wide range of possible input scenarios
  • Summing vs separate inputs enables many signal analysis options


  • Standard 3.5 mm headphone jack input to Xilinx XADC header on selected Development Platforms
  • AC or DC coupling options
  • Selectable inputs to VP / VN pair or VAUX0 and VAUX8 as separate channels
  • Summed or separate right and left channels
  • 0.5 volt bias point or GND selectable for N input of separate channels
  • Optional standoff







Product Brief

Product Brief for the XA2 XADC Headphone Adapter




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