P-Series Products

Faster Technology offers a complete line of PCI FPGA cards built on a foundation of Xilinx FPGAs. These cards are designed to be generic platforms that can be easily molded to fit your specific FPGA acceleration needs. By combining powerful FPGAs, large on-card memory banks, high-bandwidth busses, and flexible I/O options, these cards are suited to solve a wide range of DSP and algorithm acceleration problems.


Virtex-4 FX40, 4 SFP sites, 2 GBytes DDR-2

P4 PCI FPGA Acceleration Cards


Virtex-4 FX60, 4 SFP sites, 2 GBytes DDR-2

P6 PCI FPGA Acceleration Cards


Virtex-4 FX100, 4 SFP sites, 2 GBytes DDR-2

P10 PCI FPGA Acceleration Cards