User Applications

DSP Applications

  • Resampling Filters
  • Adaptive Filters
  • FFTs
  • Encoders
  • Decoders
  • Variable bit rate CODECs
  • Digital Down Converters
  • Tuners
  • Modulators
  • Demodulators

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DSP Acceleration

By utilizing the embedded XtremeDSPTM blocks, our PCI DSP Acceleration solutions deliver substantially more signal processing power than competing products using DSP chips. By pairing the XtreamDSPTM blocks with the embedded block RAMS, our PCI DSP Acceleration cards solve demanding problems such as asynchronous resampling filters, polyphase filters, adaptive filters and FFTs. The incredible amount of bandwidth available between the XtreamDSPTM blocks and the block RAMs enables the FPGA to solve DSP problems that would be bandwidth limited on DSP chips.

Our flexible design environment allows you create pipelines of DSP blocks that are closely matched to your requirements. By wrapping DMA engines around pipelines of DSP blocks, you create custom DSP processors that can be dedicated to one task, or shared between many. You can have numerous small DSP processors for maximum flexibility, or you can build deep DSP pipelines for maximum efficiency in solving your most demanding task. Think of it as building a custom heterogeneous multi-core DSP system.

Our Impulse CTM support and reference designs allow you to quickly implement a new algorithm and have it solving your problems today. You can design and test your algorithm on a PC, then move it to the FPGA when you are ready to use it in your full solution.

The pair of embedded PowerPCs inside the FPGA on our cards allows you to run some of your code on them, freeing up more of the FPGA resources for the high performance parts of your application. By creating DSP processor pipelines, the code on the PowerPCs can command your DSP processors to handle large amounts of data while it deals with other chores. This combines the power of customized FPGA hardware with the flexibility of software.