(Workshop) Embedded & Accelerating App w/Vitis Unified Software

(Workshop) Accelerating Applications with Vitis Unified Software Environment 


Workshop Description

This workshop demonstrates the tools and techniques required for software design and development using the the Vitis™ unified software platform.

Learn how to migrate from SDK and develop, debug, and profile new or existing C/C++ and RTL applications in the Vitis™ unified software environment targeting both embedded and data center (DC) applications. Also learn how to run designs on the Xilinx Alveo™ accelerator card using Nimbix Cloud.

The emphasis of this course is on:
▪ Reviewing the basics of using the Vitis platform
▪ Developing software applications using the Vitis platform
▪ Customizing board support packages (BSPs) for resource access and management of the Xilinx Standalone library
▪ Demonstrating the Vitis environment GUI flow and makefile flow
for both DC and embedded applications
▪ Describing the Vitis platform execution model and XRT
▪ Describing kernel development using C/C++ and RTL
▪ Utilizing the Vitis analyzer tool to analyze reports
▪ Explaining the design methodology to optimize a design
▪ Building a software application using the OpenCL API and the Linux-based Xilinx runtime (XRT) to schedule the hardware kernels and control data movement on an embedded processor platform
▪ Building a software application using the OpenCL™ API to run hardware kernels on Alveo accelerator cards

Level – Embedded Software 3

Course Details
▪ 1 day
▪ Lectures
▪ Demos
▪ Work along labs using your computer with Vitis 2019.2*
▪ *A limited number of shared computers will be available if you do not have a laptop with Vitis

Price – $99 or 1 Training Credit

Course Part Number – FTL-WS-VITIS
Who Should Attend? – Anyone migrating from SDK to Vitis and those who need to accelerate their software applications using FPGAs, SoCs (such as Zynq®-7000 SoCs, Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoCs), and Versal™ ACAPs


▪ Basic knowledge of Xilinx FPGA architecture
▪ Comfort with the C/C++ programming language
▪ Software development flow Software Tools
▪ Vitis unified software environment 2019.2 Hardware
▪ Architecture: FPGAs, SoCs, ACAPs, and Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the
necessary skills to:

▪ Implement an effective software design environment for a Xilinx embedded system using the Vitis unified software platform
▪ Write a basic user application and run it on an embedded system platform
▪ Describe how the FPGA architecture lends itself to parallel computing
▪ Explain how the Vitis unified software environment helps software developers to focus on applications
▪ Create kernels from C, C++, or RTL IP using the RTL Kernel Wizard
▪ Profile the design using Vitis

Course Outline

▪ Introduction to the Vitis Unified Software Platform
▪ Vitis IDE Tool Overview
▪ Migrating Xilinx SDK Projects to the Vitis Platform
▪ Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool
▪ Introduction to Hardware Acceleration
▪ Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards Overview
▪ Introduction to the Nimbix Cloud
▪ Profiling
▪ Debugging
▪ Introduction to C/C++ based Kernels
▪ Using the RTL Kernel Wizard to Reuse Existing IP as
▪ Vitis Accelerated Libraries



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Alternative Dates and Locations

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