Migrating from ISE & Spartan 6 to Vivado & 7 Series


Course Description

Level: FPGA 2
Course Duration: 1 day
Price: $800 or 8 Xilinx Training Credits
Course Part Number: FTLFPGA-S6-CUST
Who Should Attend? – For those who want to migrate legacy Spartan 6 designs to newer Xilinx technologies
▪ Basic Spartan-6 architecture knowledge
▪ Basic ISE or PlanAhead design entry knowledge
Software Tools
▪ Vivado® Design Suite 2021.1
▪ Architecture: Spartan-6, 7 Series, and cost optimized UltraScale+
▪ Demo board: None



 After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the
necessary skills to:
▪ Analyze Spartan-6 designs and identify the critical parts of the design and how to update them for newer Xilinx devices
▪ Migrate to new clocking, IO, and other key resources
▪ Rewrite UCF constraints using the new XDC format
▪ Use the Xilinx Baselining method to close timing
▪ Use the new Vivado IP Catalog to instantiate IP

Course Outline
▪ ISE versus Vivado Design Flow
▪ Vivado Design Suite Project Mode
▪ Clocking Resource Migration
▪ I/O Resource Migration
▪ UCF to XDC Constraints
▪ LAB/Demo: Vivado XDC Constraints Editor
▪ CoreGen to Vivado IP Catalog
▪ Lab/Demo: IP Flow
▪ Vivado Timing Reports
▪ Baselining Approach to Timing Closure

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