User Applications

SDR Applications

  • Digital IF Processing
  • Direct Digital Processing
  • Digital Down Converters
  • Digital Up Converters
  • Resampler
  • FFTs
  • Power Spectra

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Software Defined Radio

With our powerful combination of embedded PowerPC processors, DSP blocks, RAMs, and raw FPGA fabric, our PCI FPGA cards make an excellent software defined radio platform to host your solution. Let the FPGA's DSP blocks process the high-speed front-end data and reduce the data rate. Then use the flexibility of the embedded PowerPCs to host your software applications.

Take advantage of our powerful DSP cores, such as our resampler, tuner, and digital down converter to synchronize multiple streams of data and reduce their rate from over 100M Samples per second to what you want to work with.

Implement powerful and complex multi-channel demodulators and decoders in the FPGA fabric at sample rates that other platforms can not handle for even a single channel. Take advantage of the PowerPCs to run the adaptation loop of adaptive filters.

Our support of the EDK and the Impulse CTM to FPGA tools give you an easy environment to work in. Create filters and other processing blocks in Impulse CTM and integrate the modules together in EDK. Our support for Impulse CTM allows you to partition you C code between the PowerPC processor, and the other FPGA resources. Our design environment automatically imports your Impulse CTM design into our EDK environment.