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Course Description

Workshop Description

This 1-day workshop provides a foundation for creating an extensible
platform for Versal ACAP devices. That allows users to add hardware
acceleration kernals that resides in either the Programmable Logic (PL) or
AI Engine array. The workshop demonstrates using the PetaLinux tools in
conjunction with Vivado and Vitis to create a more robust system leveraging
the capabilities of the Linux OS and the Xilinx Run-Time (XRT) libraries,
The course is complemented by hands-on demos to reinforce the concepts

Level – VERSAL 3
Course Duration – 1 days
Course Part Number –EMBD- VERSAL-01-ILT
Who Should Attend? – Engineers, System Architects and designers who
have an interest in developing hardware/software systems that fully leverage
the Xilinx Versal ACAP devices.
A fundamental understanding of the Versal ACAP platform. That is, the PS,
PL, AI Engine and NoC basic resources. Also, some familiarity with Xilinx
Vivado DS, Vitis Unified Software Development platform and PetaLinux is
• Vivado System Edition 2022.x
• Vitis 2022.x
• PetaLinux 2022.x
▪ Architecture: Versal ACAP: Core and Prime families
▪ VCK-190 and VMK-180 (where applicable)

 After completing this workshop, you will have the necessary skills to:

▪ Create an extensible platform using Vivado IPI
▪ Export platform via XSA to PetaLinux
▪ Export platform via XSA to Vitis
▪ Describe the role of the Vitis HLS tools and design flow
▪ Use PetaLinux tools and flow to refine OS
▪ Build system level application incorporating PS and PL
▪ Run simulation and basic hardware emulation

Workshop Outline

▪ Versal ACAP Design Flow
▪ Basic Hardware Design Process with the Vivado Design Suite
▪ Demo: Packaging a Vivado design as an extensible platform
▪ Driving the PetaLinux Tool
▪ PetaLinux Tool Design Flow
▪ Demo: Driving the PetaLinux tools
▪ Vitis Simulation and Hardware emulation


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