• ROI of training from 1.12 to 1.67
  • Shorten overall project duration
  • Increase design innovation
  • Strengthen employee retention
  • Enhance design efficiency
  • Promote employee motivation
  • Improve design process

Training Courses

Faster Technology delivers the full line of Xilinx education courses in areas of FPGA Design, Embedded Systems Development, Connectivity, DSP Design, Languages, and CPLD Design.

Visit our Course Offerings page to see the complete listing of Xilinx training offered by Faster Technology.

Enroll Today

Register today in our secure Online Store for any of our currently scheduled Xilinx courses, or feel free to contact us today by email or by phone at 281-391-5482.

Value to Employers

Faster Technology’s Xilinx training program offers hands-on lab work combined with experienced instructor lectures to teach design engineers to tighten designs and to increase productivity.

Extensive research has shown the Return on Investment (ROI) for training of any type to be at least 1.12 but averages 1.38! This means that a one-week investment in training will give back more than two weeks in productivity gains over the course of the first project alone. For more information, see below for “The Value of Training” White Paper.

Xilinx Authorized Training Providers (ATPs) are carefully selected professionals, trained and certified by Xilinx to assure the highest level of capability and quality. Faster Technology (the ATP for the South-Central and Rocky Mountain regions of the US), utilizes our extensive experience designing high-performance FPGA-based systems to provide the most relevant and applicable training possible. Our instructors’ knowledge base gives them the ability to answer questions and offer suggestions or solutions to complicated problems your engineers are experiencing in your current project.

"John was an excellent instructor and has a thorough understanding of Xilinx’s array of tools and programmable devices.  During class, John answered questions but also expanded on key details, many of which were gained through his own experience using Xilinx.  John was also available to answer questions after class that were work related or for future development work.  John uses the Xilinx tools on a daily basis and is an effective instructor.   John is enthusiastic about the subject, and enjoys questions and also sharing his considerable experience with current and former students."
- Randy Zoch, Senior Design Engineer (Dallas)


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