User Applications

DSP Acceleration

Take advantage of the numerous embedded DSP blocks in FPGAs to accelerate your DSP applications. Coupled with the embedded RAMs and tremendous bandwidth, FPGAs offer an incredible amount of DSP power for your most demanding DSP applications. We offer several high-powered DSP cores to speed you on your way.

High Performance Computing

Use Impulse C to quickly harness the power of our cards to solve your HPC task. Exploit the massive parallelism of FPGAs and their tremendous internal communications bandwidth to create custom tailored solutions Tackle the toughest problems today.

Financial Analysis Acceleration

Benefit from the tight coupling of the Gigabit Ethernet SFPs and the FPGA fabric to slash the latency of your financial analysis applications. Be the first to market with your trades by using our cards to process incoming market data directly.

Seismic Imaging Acceleration

Dramatically reduce the size of your seismic imaging clusters with the use of our cards. Save across the board with lower cost for power, cooling, and space. Build field deployable systems to check your data as it is acquired. Call and ask us about our Impulse C seismic processing reference designs.

Medical Research Acceleration

FPGAs excel at bio-informatics search algorithms; put them to use for your research today. Achieve massive speed-ups over traditional computers at a fraction of the cost. Imagine having your own personal supercomputing platform at your disposal.

Image Processing

Use our FPGA cards to build highly parallel and pipelined image processors. Implement powerful video surveillance engines, image processing filters, and variable bit rate codecs.

Software Defined Radio

Combine our re-sampler and DDC cores with modulators and demodulators written in Impulse C. Use the multiple SFPs for MIMO systems. Our FPGA cards can deliver over 100x performance gains compared to software only implementations. Put that power to work in your software defined radio applications.