Custom On-Site Training

Any Level | PRIV13000-13-ILT (v1.0)

Course Description

Custom On-Site Training is available when public Xilinx instructor-led courses do not meet your company's specific training needs.

Private classes can be delivered either at your location or in a nearby facility. Benefits of private classes include:

  • Reduced travel time and costs
  • Ability to control the pace of the class
  • Exclusive access to a Xilinx instructor
  • Ability to discuss issues with your peers
  • Ability to discuss confidential issues (under NDA)

Faster Technology can deliver any of our public classes in a private setting for up to 16 students per class for a fixed rate of $8000 USD or 80 training credits per day.

Level: Any level
Course Duration: Customer specified
Price: $8000 or 80 Xilinx Training Credits per day
Course Part Number: PRIV23000-13-ILT
Who Should Attend?: Companies that have specific training needs that are not met by public Xilinx instructor-led courses.
Registration: Request a Private Class

Private Class Request Turnaround Time:

Depending on circumstances, it may take up to one month from the time a request is received to the date of the actual class, however, we will do our best to get your class on the schedule as soon as possible.

If your class request is for an onsite class, you can speed up the processing of your request by ensuring the room you want to book is available for the specified dates, the students who should attend are available for the specified dates, and providing an IT contact in your comments.

To request a private on-site class, inquire about course offerings, or any other specific Xilinx training needs, please contact Faster Technology through our Request a Private Class page. No obligation necessary.