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Compatibility with Xilinx Boards

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: 06. 05. 2014 [17:53]
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to find out if you have the FM-S28-(02 or 0icon_cool.gif working with QDR-II tested on some Xilinx -7 series boards. (Zynq-706,VC707,VC709,or Even the KCU105?)

How much is the FM-S28 with the extra QDR-II?
Do you also provide a reference design to exercise the QDR-II?

How long are the lead times when you include the QDR-II?

What speeds are you able to achieve on the QDR-II memory bus?

: 12. 05. 2014 [18:10]
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Due to a number of compatibility issues with newer versions of Xilinx tools and 7 Series devices, the versions of the FM-S28 that include QDR II are on hold. We are working on other means to support QDR memories - if this is of interest please let us know by sending an inquiry to