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PS: Versal:ACAP Architecture & Methodology

Proficiency Stack Course Details You can have both the flexibility of On-Demand, with the expertise and interaction of Instructor-Led Xilinx training. We are pleased to announce the “Proficiency Stack”. This structured training solution combines self paced, on-demand content, with course-specific 4-hr “Applied Learning Lab(s)” @ 4-week intervals The Lab is led by a certified Xilinx training professional You gain the following: 1. Your individual questions are answered in a real-time, interactive format. 2. You get additional tips, demos, techniques, “best-practices” and FPGA design insights. 3. The value and application of your prior on-demand study is greatly enhanced. 4. Timely follow-up to your selfpaced learning experience, maximizing productivity. The Proficiency Stack is ideal for: 1. New XPA and On-Demand Training Purchases. 2. Customers having taken prior on-demand training 3. Any customer wanting the benefit of concise expert instruction and interaction. "Applied Learning Labs" are 4 hours each and compliment the OnDemand courses. The OnDemand is not live or interactive, but when you attend the "Applied Learning Lab", a student can watch a live deep dive lab, explanation, techniques or ask specific questions from the OnDemand video..