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Timing Closure Techniques

2021.1 Learn how to apply UltraFast Design Methodology timing closure techniques and to achieve timing closure for a given design. The emphasis of this course is on: ▪ Applying initial design checks and reviewing timing summary and methodology reports for a design ▪ Using baselining to verify that a design meets timing goals and applying the guidelines described in the baselining process ▪ Identifying and resolving setup and hold violations ▪ Reducing logic delays, net delays, and congestion in a design ▪ Improving clock skew and clock uncertainty ▪ Performing Pblock-based and super logic region (SLR)-based analysis to identify challenges and improve timing closure ▪ Performing quality of results (QoR) assessments at different stages to improve the QoR score ▪ Implementing Intelligent Design Runs (IDR) to automate analysis and timing closure for complex designs